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August 9, 2023 - Various Settings

AKYO Pool has set up SENDTIP and SENDSLOTS for more transparent management🧑‍💻🎉
The blue frame in the attached image is SendTip, and the yellow frame is SendSlots.
I will explain briefly. (See citation for details)

Both SendTip and SendSlots are sent to PoolTool here.

  • SendTip will turn the height of the block green (number) if the node is working properly.

Except during maintenance and updates

  • SendSlots shows the leader (number of blocks) the stake pool was allocated in that epoch.

By all means, if you can delegate to our pool, we will be able to continue our activities in the future, so it is very encouraging!
The staking method is posted on the link below, so please access it and delegate it!

👉How to stake


citing is a script to download and deploy CNCLI created and maintained by Andrew Westberg. It's a community-based CLI tool written in RUST for low-level cardano-node communication. Usage is optional and no script is dependent on it. The main features include:

Send node tip to PoolTool for network analysis and to show that your node is alive and well with a green badge.


Securely sends PoolTool the number of slots you have assigned for an epoch and validates the correctness of your past epochs.