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❤️Donation to NPO Tears of the African Elephant

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2022 Donation Destinations

We have selected a donation destination for 2022. As you can see in the title, the 2022 donation destination has been decided to be "Tears of the African Elephant". The founders are Japanese women who grew up in Africa.


Organization overview【Article 3 of the Articles of Incorporation】
This corporation informs Japanese society and the Japanese people of the current state of endangered wild animals such as African elephants and rhinos, promotes the protection of these animals, and addresses various social issues related to them. In order to overcome this, we aim to raise global interest in environmental conservation and contribute to the construction of a sustainable society in which people and nature coexist in harmony, in cooperation with the general public and domestic and international organizations.

Why did you focus on elephants for this donation drive? Why did you select this corporation? You may be thinking, "Why did you choose this organization? But for some reason, I have always been interested in elephants. As I researched about elephants, I learned that they have the following characteristics and personalities, and I was attracted to them. The following are some of the characteristics and personalities of elephants.

  • Elephants are very social, good at adapting to changes in their environment, quick learners, team oriented, caring and very good at communicating. And the elephant never forgets the kindness received. I think it was because I was attracted to the charm of elephants and sympathized with the issues that this corporation is tackling.

The issues that this corporation will address.

I would like to post some of the issues that the corporation is addressing. donation-tears-of-the-african-elephant-2

"Japan" is the world's largest ivory consuming country

  • The number of African elephants in the wild has declined by 3% in the last 100 years, and Japan is a major player in this crisis. In the 1980s, the number of African elephants in the wild was halved. It is said that the Japanese ivory market consumed nearly 70% of this amount.

14,000 ivory pieces registered since 1995

  • International trade was banned in 1989, but anyone can register ivory that entered Japan before then. Since there is no need to prove the source of ivory, it is considered a problem that illegal ivory can be mixed with legal ivory and not be identified.

Illegal ivory is not subject to control if cut.

  • In Japan, anyone can register ivory as new legal ivory, even if they cannot prove its origin, as long as they write that the ivory came in before 1989. In addition, only single tusks need to be registered for sale, and cut pieces are not subject to registration.

80% is used for seals

seals = Also known as a name stamp.

  • What does Japan use ivory for? As a former ivory powerhouse, Japan consumed 67% of the world's ivory in the 1980s. Since China stopped selling ivory, Japan is again the world's largest seller. Today, 80% of ivory is still used as seals.

About 8,000 ivory dealers in Japan

  • While domestic sales of ivory are being withdrawn one after another in foreign countries, Japan has many dealers in stores and on the Internet. Recently, there is also concern about the increasing number of cases of ivory bought in Japan being illegally taken overseas.

Ivory is banned in many countries around the world.

  • In 2015, a UN resolution unanimously adopted a ban on ivory sales. In 2017, China, which has the longest history of ivory use, also banned trade. And in 2020, if things continue as they are. Japan may become the only ivory market in the world.

There are things we can do to protect a world that will still have African elephants 10 years from now!

When I learned about this, I decided to donate as a Monthly Supporter.



In Japan as well, in order to aim for a "breakaway stamp", the trend of full-scale introduction of electronic contracts / electronic signatures, which is becoming commonplace internationally, not only for companies but also for ministries and agencies, is finally getting worse due to this corona disaster. seems to be progressing. The article will be in Japanese.

In an era of "no hanko" the future of "electronic contracts/signatures" in the midst of the corona crisis Interview with Professor Tezuka of Keio University

I sincerely hope that Japan will not become the only ivory market in the world, and that ivory poaching will end. I would appreciate it if this donation could help African elephants. Thank you for reading to the end.

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