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🎉ISPO Information! AKYO🥁 was selected as Cardano Community Charity Coin!

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Cardano Community Charity Coin(CCCC)is a newly launched native token on the Cardano blockchain that serves as both an investment vehicle and a governance token for CCCC's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Charity DAO). Charity DAO is a project dedicated to facilitating community-driven giving and adoption of blockchain technology by nonprofits.

When a trade is conducted using CCCC, an 8% fee is charged, and the proceeds are deposited into the Charity DAO treasury. These funds are then utilized for donations and overhead expenses. Custom tokenomics have been implemented, including an automatic burn mechanism, to ensure a stable token price and discourage pump-and-dump schemes.

Our pool [AKYO] was selected for this great project 🎉

👉Go to the Tweet from CCCC


If you have delegated to AKYO, you can get your CCCCoin at DripDropz!!

dripdropz_listing-ispo-cccc Learn about the token projects participating in DripDropz

Token: $CCCC
Start Date: 23 February 2023 (Epoch 396)
End Date: TBA

Please see 💧How the DripDropz Platform Works for information on how to obtain a token💡


It seems that it is now possible to delegate on Maestro, the ISPO marketplace 🎉

The staking method is posted on the link below. It would be very encouraging if you could entrust it to me! thank you!

👉How to start staking