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What are Kudos?

👏The button is called "Kudos", which means "praise, compliment" in Greek. With ideascale, you can give the Kudos to one proposer.

How to accumulate kudos and how to check it
How do kudos accumulate?

It seems that you can accumulate kudos by logging in to ideascale every day! If you are registered with ideascale and belong to the community (Project Catalyst), you will receive 1 Kudos after 17:00 (Japan time) every day.

  • If it is not displayed, it should be added when you log in again.
How to check remaining kudos

You cannot check the number of remaining Kudos from mobile, so please access from PC to check. On your PC, open the "Community Praise" section and you will see the "Received", "Give", and "Remaining" The "Remaining" is currently in your possession. kudos number. In other words, if you have Kudos👏 according to the number of members of the proposal you want to send Kudos to, you can send praise to that proposal🎉 Let's send Kudos👏 and support the proposal! 🙌


That's all for kudos👏


As of January 2022, I was contacted by ideascale support, and now I can press the Kudos button on mobile 🎉 Thanks to the app developers🙏


Thank you for reading!