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❤️Donation of musical instruments

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Thoughts on making donations

I'm going to write why I thought I'd do a donation activity. I don't think I suddenly thought of anything. When I look back on my life, I realize that I often put money in collection boxes and donate to NPOs' fund-raising activities (It's just a little bit, but I valued the feeling of wanting to donate.) And looking back, I remember the time when I went to the place where the 24-hour TV charity fundraiser was held and donated.
Well, that's why I decided to do it without thinking too much about it.
Where should I donate first?
There are many donation destinations, but I spent days searching for donation destinations that were easy for me to approach and start, but I couldn't narrow down the donation destinations. In the midst of all this, what suddenly crossed my mind was "music".
I was searching for "donation music" and "music donation", but there were many hits such as major music foundations, but I thought that it was a little different, so I searched variously and finally found myself. I was able to find a donation destination that I want to donate!!
We will announce the donation destination today!

The first of AKYO's donation activities is... musical instrument donation!!

Musical Instrument Donation Furusato Nouzei


What is musical instrument donation Furusato Nouzei?
The Musical Instrument Donation Furusato Nouzei Payment is a new tax payment style utilizing the "Furusato Nouzei Payment System" in which unused musical instruments lying around Japan are donated to schools and music organizations through local governments, and the assessed value of the donated musical instruments is deducted from taxes. Inabe City, Mie Prefecture, has started this project to create a sense of gratitude among children for the donated musical instruments and to revitalize the town with smiling faces, which is the original purpose of the "Furusato Nouzei Payment System".

I selected this donation recipient because I thought it was a great match between my desire to donate and the students' desire for musical instruments.
It looks like they mainly donate unwanted instruments that are no longer in use, but this time I took the plunge and bought a brand new snare drum!
The other day, I stopped by a music store to look at snare drums, and among the many snares available, I found one that I really liked and thought I would like, at a price I could afford. I tried it out and decided immediately that I liked the maple sound of the snare drum.

Here is that snare drum!


It's been a long time since I bought a snare drum, and it reminded me of a very nostalgic memory.
I can't play the drums now, but I discovered music when I was 17 years old, and have been learning the drums on my own for about 12 years.
Also, why did you choose this school as the recipient of the donation? All schools have the same desire for students to donate, but this school's desire to donate is different from the past. I think the decisive factor was that he felt similar to me and had experienced almost similar things.
It was something like this:


It is an instrument that has supported the efforts of many people over its long history. Even though it was damaged and broken in various activities, it managed to retain its shape and has supported the club activities until now.
Until now, we have relied on the personal belongings (instruments) of our adviser teachers and borrowed items from other schools and brass bands, so in the midst of transfers and connections being cut off, the instruments at our school have been broken. I ended up with nothing but unusable things. If things go on like this, we will not be able to have our instruments and the younger students who will be joining the *school brass band club experience the joy of playing instruments and the joy of playing together.
We want instruments for our *school brass band without relying on personal belongings or borrowed items. We would be happy if you could donate an instrument to the school and to our memory, as an asset that will remain in the history of the school brass band.

I was very impressed with this statement. I also used to play on a secondhand instrument from my senior, so it overlapped with my old self.
And I was happy to see your performance on YouTube. We live in a very convenient age, don't we? I would like to encourage school teachers to post their videos on YouTube. It is a great pleasure to see your hard work.
AKYO will be conducting donation activities as one of our future activities.
We would be very happy and encouraged if you would support and encourage us in our donation activities as well.
Thank you for reading to the end.

For past donation activities, here.

We have posted the staking method, so please access it from the link below and delegate it, it will be encouraging in the future! Thank you!!

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